Factbox: What a Joe Biden win could mean for economic policy

Factbox: What a Joe Biden win could mean for economic policy

(Reuters) – Democrat and former U.S. vice president Joe Biden had been announced champion associated with the U.S. presidential election by several major tv sites on Saturday, beating Republican incumbent Donald Trump whom took an industry-friendly stance on legislation.

While Biden is not likely to focus on a monetary industry crackdown, he could be anticipated right here to simply take a stricter line than Trump along with his previous employer President Barack Obama.

Biden has tapped previous derivatives market regulator Gary Gensler, who’s got a track record of being tough on Wall Street, to function on a change policy for economic industry oversight.

Here are a few associated with the key areas their administration and agency picks will probably concentrate on.


The pandemic has shone a harsh limelight on America’s racial and wide range inequalities, galvanizing Democrats to make use of a selection of policy levers to deal with the difficulties. Those range from the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, a reasonable financing legislation giving banking institutions regulatory points for financing to low-income communities.

Biden has pledged in campaign materials to grow the guidelines to many other sectors, including home loan and insurance vendors.


Handling the national country’s affordable housing crisis is just a concern for Democrats and Biden. A Biden administration would try to halt probably a Trump intend to launch housing finance leaders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from federal federal government control, a move Democrats worry would raise the price of mortgages for center- and lower-income People in america.

Biden in addition has pledged to examine guidelines by Trump’s housing regulator that are designed to protect well from lending actions which disproportionately adversely impact racial minorities or other protected teams.


Biden has required a robust customer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), developed after the 2009 crisis that is financial guarantee banking institutions would not benefit from customers. More