Can the moratorium period differ for different loans for the exact same kind?

Can the moratorium period differ for different loans for the exact same kind?

Can the financial institution revise the attention price while giving extension beneath the moratorium?

The intent for the moratorium is always to make sure leisure towards the debtor because of the disruption triggered. Nonetheless, upsurge in rate of interest just isn’t a relief provided and therefore really should not be practised as a result. Can the moratorium period differ for various loans of this exact same kind? A moratorium of 3 months for all loans which are 60 89 DPD, and a moratorium of 2 months for all loans which are 30 59 DPD as on the effective date for example, a lender grants.

The moratorium is actually awarded to greatly help the borrowers to tide over a liquidity crisis due to the corona interruption check city loans app. The scheme seems to be to get over a potential NPA characterisation, which could not be the intent of the relaxation in the above example. Will the grant of different moratorium durations be viewed as discrimination by the NBFC?

An NBFC may evaluate where in fact the interruption probably will adversely affect the payment ability of this debtor and just take a call predicated on such evaluation. As an example in case there is farm sector borrowers and day-to-day wage earners, the interruption will likely be maximum. Nevertheless, an employee that is salaried not be dealing with any effect on their payment ability. Can a debtor prevail upon a lender to give the moratorium, just in case exactly the same is not awarded the loan company?

The grant regarding the moratorium is a matter that is contractual the lending company additionally the debtor. There is absolutely no regulatory intervention for the reason that agreement. Can the debtor pay in between your moratorium duration?

It really is a relief issued towards the debtor as a result of interruption brought on by the lockdown that is sudden. More