Prevent retirement scams

Prevent retirement scams

Don’t allow scammers like a pension saver’s retirement. Discover how pension scams work, the indicators, together with actions you can take to aid retirement savers do not be scammed.

Fraudsters promise high returns and risk that is low but in reality, retirement savers which are scammed are kept with absolutely absolutely nothing.

Whenever savers realise they’ve been scammed, it could be devastating – many lose their life cost savings. When the money is gone, it is nearly impossible to have it straight back.

You are able to assist retirement savers avoid dropping victim to a scam.

If you’re a trustee, scheme administrator, company adviser or manager, learn how it is possible to beat retirement scams which help savers be ScamSmart.

Just just How pension scams work

Everyone can function as the target of a nasty retirement scam, in spite of how savvy they believe these are typically. More