Intercourse everyday lives of Australians unveiled in national body+soul study

Intercourse everyday lives of Australians unveiled in national body+soul study

The outcomes of our nationwide study into what’s occurring under the covers have actually are available in — and also the stats will shock you.

We called on body+soul sexologist Dr Gabrielle Morrissey and sexpert Cyndi Darnell to help analyse the figures.

from the beginning of the body+soul surveyed almost 4000 Aussies about their sex lives year. How many times are they having it? Are they pleased? Do they need more or something different? what exactly are their emotions on fidelity?

The outcome flooded in over a couple of weeks, with participants round the nation exposing intimate details about what’s taking place underneath the covers.

We’ve looked over how the genders have actually answered, and where appropriate we’ll give both female and male data, and even drill down seriously to regions. Here’s everything we discovered…

Relationships in Australia. media_camera

Outcomes of the body+soul intercourse study.

DR MORRISSEY CLAIMS: “ When evaluating the questions, it is crucial to note that significantly more than three quarters for the participants come in a long-lasting relationship. These are settled partners responding to the concerns.”

A snapshot of Aussies.

One in 5 are receiving sex lower than as soon as 30 days (25 % of females).

A comparable number of individuals are “doing it” 3 to 4 times four weeks, with 17% setting it up on five to eight times for the reason that duration.

Interestingly, taking a look at the genders, more guys than ladies ticked the higher-number containers, nevertheless when it stumbled on the low end of this scale — such as for instance having nookie significantly less than once per month — it is ladies who topped this with 24% admitting to rarely coupling more than a four-week duration (17% of males).

Nearly 8% claim to own sex 11 to 20 times a thirty days but lower than 1% are receiving it each day.