The Kolochava duration in Ivan Olbrakht’s life

The Kolochava duration in Ivan Olbrakht’s life

Back 1930-ies, Ivan Olbrakht found its way to Kolochava and started his research on Mykola Shuhay, the life span of this Czech gendarmes of that time period and exactly why the locals never ever thought these were criminals. Shuhay had been persecuted as a result of his unwillingness to come back into the military. So he had been hiding into the hills, hoping that the then government would get away such as the past people. Mykola had been an area, with good understanding of the area together with a sweetheart right here, called Erzsyka. Yet, he could perhaps maybe perhaps not save your self his skin, – Natalia informs.

The lady states: or even for Olbrakht, the village could not function as means it is currently.

– Thanks to Olbrakht, the town of Kolochava got understood and it is, still. It’s turn into a touristic habitat, an expression regarding the opryshkis’ (a law and purchase avenger in Transcarpathia) motion, a place homely for Czechs. Furthermore, the author assisted poor people and orphans, the disabled ones. He arranged events and training. Having said that, he had been an intimate, a sentimentalist whom fell deeply in love with our nature and described it. It enchanted him then and inspired. And thus it really is nowadays: people visiting our land at least one time, will certainly keep coming back.

The honor of «Gratias agit»

Natalia’s first stop by at Czecha had been yet in 1994. Then she participated at a conference and learned the museum affairs far away, also with out a command that is proper of language. More