Testosterone Treatment Increases Strength, Research States, Fueling Debate

Testosterone Treatment Increases Strength, Research States, Fueling Debate

By Joe Brownstein 16 2011 december

Testosterone treatment, for which testosterone is administered to guys with lower levels regarding the hormones, happens to be a topic that is controversial with a few advocating for the treatment in an effort to restore vigor in older guys, but other people are involved concerning the health issues, such as for example heart disease and cancer, it might bring along.

Now, a brand new research implies that males taking testosterone therapy for simply over half per year could gain several pounds of lean muscle mass and lose a matching quantity of extra weight.

But although the writers get the scholarly research encouraging, it might probably perhaps not do much to improve the minds of the skeptical associated with dangers and advantages.

While other studies have additionally founded that testosterone often helps build up muscle mass, you will find concerns it might improve the dangers for prostate cancer tumors. Plus some studies, such as for instance a Boston University research posted into the brand New England Journal of Medicine a year ago – a research which was ended early as a result of these extremely issues — have shown a heightened risk for heart disease on guys using the treatment.

“By and large, the community that is medical perhaps maybe maybe not specific about the benefit from testosterone, ” stated Dr. John Amory, an internist whom researches the consequences of testosterone during the University of Washington.

The research had been posted Dec. This is certainly online 6 the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Testosterone and muscles

Scientists from Beth Israel Deaconess clinic in Boston measured the testosterone amounts within the bloodstream of 58 guys, and began them on testosterone treatment. More