Spanking My Better Half. We spank my hubby Evan for enjoyable inside our sex-life.

Spanking My Better Half. We spank my hubby Evan for enjoyable inside our sex-life.

Evan features a relationship that is love-hate spanking: he loves the concept, but he hates it whenever it happens.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tommy’s drawings

Here is a weblog that Evan likes: http: //tommysptoriginalart.

Evan likes Tommy’s drawings, because the themes attract him: teenage boys, being forced to simply accept a spanking from feamales in a situation of authority. He additionally likes the reality that within the drawings, several guys have actually erections before they truly are to have spanked (similar to Evan).

I believe this might be a theme that is familiar Evan: the child / guy would like to be spanked at some degree, as it’s exciting, deeply down. So he gets a hardon in the looked at the spanking that is potential. However when it takes place, the spanking is significantly harder compared to their dreams, and then he cries and loses control.

Many Thanks, Tommy, for the photos! Maintain the good work.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Evan otk

Below are a few shots from nearby the end associated with the spanking that we had published images of recently. His base had been scarlet during the end of the one.

This 1 harmed great deal: just about to happen. I acquired a good response from that smack.

He could be crossing their feet to try and retain in place, that will be okay beside me. So long as he remains here, then your spanking will end after he takes enough difficult spanks well. If he moves around too much, then none of the time matters.

Complete for the present time. Off he climbs, with a pleasant red base.